About Me

Richard Weiss

Richard Weiss

I’m an active/adventure travel industry veteran with over 30 years experience in the field. Originally a New Yorker with an undergraduate degree from Stanford, I moved to Canada in the late 1960s after a disagreement with the US government over his role in foreign policy, particularly in Southeast Asia. I stayed in Toronto for twenty years and received an MA from the University of Toronto in Classical Chinese Poetry.  I began my career in the adventure travel business leading wilderness trips for the Sierra Club in the late 1960s canoeing and backpacking throughout Canada and Europe. After a couple of failed but interesting careers (college academic, professional chef, et al.), I quickly got more comfortable and better fed by leading bike trips for Toronto-based Butterfield & Robinson in France and Italy, becoming their Director of European Operations in the mid-1980s. I returned to the US in 1988 to head the international division of Vermont Country Cyclers.

In 1995 I became CEO of Mountain Travel Sobek in 1995 and since then have held senior executive positions with Backroads and Grand Expeditions, where I had responsibility for five GrandEx companies from Vermont to Boca Raton as President of the Eco/Adventure platform. Most recently I spent two years setting up Adventures by Disney, The Walt Disney Company’s™ entry in the (so-called) active travel space. I’ve excited from that adventure.

I support a variety of non-profit ventures by sitting on a number of boards of directors over the years. These include: The International Ecotourism Society, Environmental Traveling Companions (offering rafting and seakayaking to disabled children), Sustainable Travel International, Global Service Corps, Travelers’™ Philanthropy Fund and others.

I currently heads Strategic Travel Consulting, an Oakland-based consulting firm, where I offers all levels of travel-related consulting, and manages my executive and life coaching practices.

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